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Quicklink Announces the TX Duo:
The Quicklink TX Duo allows you to manage two simultaneous Skype calls to be processed as 2 SDI/NDI outputs. The TX Duo enables you to access 300 million Skype users for inclusion for remote interviews within live broadcasts, TV game shows, worship events or large managed corporate events.

US Broadcast shows off ProductionBot at industry tradeshows:

US Broadcast is proud to announce the availability of AIDA Imaging Products including Cameras, Format Converters, and Capture Devices:

Absolutely stunning new universal #broadcast #controllers from #SKAARHOJ. Compatible with #atem #vmix #wirecast #epiphan pearl and 30+ other popular broadcast devices. See them at #nab2017 #nabshow booth SL11030 #SKAARHOJ


Archion's Editstor Storage Keeps Away "The Heat" From Langley Productions' Hit Reality Series "Cops"

Los Angeles, CA, October 3, 2016 – Archion Technologies, a world leader in intelligent, ultra high performance shared storage solutions for media workflows, has announced that its EditStor has been successfully performing as the post production storage for the hit Langley Productions reality TV series "Cops," as well as other Langley TV series, including "Jail."

Archion and NewTek Collaborate to establish EditStor as First NDI™ enabled shared storage for IP Production Workflow

Archion embraced NewTek's open Network Device Interface (NDI™) standard for IP-based production workflows. EditStor Velo (with NDI enabled) is the first network storage system recognizable as a source by NDI-enabled devices as well as other systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network. This exponentially increases the number of video sources available for live production.

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US Broadcast has worked with small and large organizations in both the Public and Private Sectors to help them deal with the digital market metamorphosis. We have a focused talent pool of functional and domain consultants who understand the unique needs of the industry. Their combined expertise in digital media technology, and consultative approach is used to help clients identify the "Best-of-Breed" devices and technologies, and create innovative solutions that meet consumer demand for multi-platform delivery.

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